Saturday, March 11, 2006

Surprise "Drop" In

On September 9, 2003 in Atlanta, Georgia

Ben Rogozensky decided that he really had to get out of jail. Even the fact that Rogozensky had been homeless prior to his arrest did not dampen his thirst for freedom. Knowing he would most likely be extradited to New Jersy to stand trial for stealing cars, our creative inmate decided to take action.

Asking to use the restroom, Rogozensky was unshackled and allowed to use the facilities unsupervised. Seeing an opportunity, Rogozensky stood on a toilet, pushed aside a ceiling tile, and climbed into the crawl space above. Deputies apparently had no clue whatsoever that they were short one inmate. Rogozensky was only discovered when he fell through the ceiling in the chambers of Judge Antonio Del Campo....Rogozensky actually fell smack onto the good judge's desk. Samantha Whaley, who worked in the judge's office, had barely scooted out of the way when the desperate inmate came crashing through the ceiling.

There is no word on just how Rogozensky had planned to get out of the crawl space and into freedom.

information collected from news reports

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